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Why the RFC?

We know you have several options when it comes to fitness and recreation activities.  We wanted to share why you should choose the RFC.

  • We are welcoming and supportive in reaching your fitness goals.  You do not need to come in with years of experience or have to be-in-the-know to have an enjoyable experience.  We strive everyday to provide a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere, and if it is not, please let us know!

  • We are affordable and easy on the wallet.  Our membership plans give you a bigger bang for your buck!  Are membership plans are made with you in mind.  If you have a qualifying health insurance, you could qualify reimbursements.  Does your employer offer an RFC discounted membership?  Well what are you waiting for?  Contact us to gt sign up TODAY!  Also, purchasing any membership gives you exclusive rates on swim lessons, events, and personal training sessions!

  • We are for everyone no matter your skill-level or health.  We want to help you enjoy life and and we will support you along the way.  We have members of all ages and abilities.  The RFC provides opportunities and activities for everyone from seated strength and conditioning for senior citizens to Water Babies for well... Babies.  

  • We are safe and put your well being first.  Contrary to other workout programs, injury while working out is a serious problem and we design our workouts to ensure your safety is number one. 

  • We are committed to our community.  We are involved in numerous activities and we are proud to support the many endeavors those in the community pursue.

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