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Tiger Sharks Swimming Programs

Annie Corbett, Aquatics Coordinator
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  • Group Programs:

The RFC offers group swimming lessons & club team sessions at various points in the year:

Baby Sharks: Water Discovery (6 mo-2 years)

Shark Pups: Water Exploration (2-4 years)
Level 1: Water Acclimation

Level 2: Water Movement

Level 3: Water Stamina

Level 4-6: Water Endurance

Tiger Sharks Club Team: Swim Club


*RFC Members receive $10 off every registration

**Refunds will not be given. In the event that a class is canceled, every effort will be made to reschedule as time and space allow. Due to class size limits and high demand, cancellation of your registration must take place no later than one week prior to the first class.

Description of Levels:

Descripción de los niveles en español aquí

Baby Sharks     6m-2yr 
Water Discovery      30 Minutes 

It’s never too early to introduce your child to the water!  Baby Sharks introduces infants and toddlers to the aquatic environment through fun and guided play.  A parent** must be in the water with their child.  

Shark Pups    2-4yr
Water Exploration     30 Minutes 

Shark Pups will get confident blowing bubbles and begin floating with support. Swimmer will become comfortable in the water without a parent.  Gentle introduction to the water. 

Level 1  4+         1:8 Coach to Swimmer Ratio
Water Acclimation     30 

No previous aquatic experience necessary.  Focus on getting comfortable around water and submerging underwater. Introduction to front/back glides, front/back floats and starting to combine arm and leg action on front/back. All floating and swimming techniques can be completed with support. 

Level 2   4+        1:8 Coach to Swimmer Ratio
Water Movement     30 Minutes

Encourages forward movement in water.  Focus on body position, control and directional change.  Will become confident retrieving an object underwater.  All introductory floating and swimming techniques are completed without support.  

Level 3  5+        1:5 Coach to Swimmer Ratio
Water Stamina     45 Minutes

Introduction to front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke, treading and diving. Swimmers will learn how to swim safely longer distances with an introduction to rhythmic breathing. Introduction to kneeling and standing dives.   


Level 4-6  6+        1:5 Coach to Swimmer Ratio
Water Endurance     45 Minutes

Stroke perfection of front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke. Learning new strokes and increasing endurance of basic strokes, diving, and treading water. Swimmers will learn how to swim safely longer distances.

Tiger Sharks     Level 5+ (Level 2+ for Summer 2024!)

Tiger Sharks is a friendly, fun team environment working on swim skills and mastering major strokes. Build character and confidence and keep swimming endurance up and work on perfecting strokes.  Offering both developmental and advanced levels.  Great exercise to add to any other sport.

Offered throughout the year in 4-8 week sessions.

Come give Tiger Sharks a try! Your first team practice is free!

Registration Options: 
  • Swim Lessons: Please contact Annie Corbett at or 320-589-7011. There are no registration forms for swim lessons.

  • Tiger Sharks Swim Club: Fill out the registration form and return to the RFC with payment. Forms can be found online, at Morris schools, and at the RFC front desk. Please contact Annie Corbett with any questions.

    • Registration form is second button above labeled "​Summer Tiger Sharks Club Registration"

  • Private Lesson Instruction


The RFC also offers private 1-on-1 swim instruction! This is great for people who are looking for a more individualized approach.

Private Lesson Cost:

$35.00 per lesson per child

Maximum of 6 lessons at a time

*If multiple kids are at same skill level, cost is $35 per lesson for first child plus $10 per each additional child

Private Lesson Availability:

For availability & more information,

contact Annie Corbett at:


We also offer private lessons for adults!

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