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The Regional Fitness Center, located on the beautiful campus of the University of Minnesota - Morris, was founded in 1999.  The RFC is a joint powers not-for-profit organization serving the U of M - Morris, the City of Morris, Stevens County, and the Morris Area School District.

The RFC has over 2,550 active members, comprised of students, youth, families, and senior citizens.  The average daily use of the RFC is approximately 240.

The RFC has a wide variety of facilities to meet any fitness goals.  The RFC has a weight/workout room, suspended walking track, gymnasium, and recreation and competition pools.  

The RFC offers Group Fitness Classes, Water Safety Instruction, Personal Training, and various activities to help you and your family become more fit and active.

Board of Directors

The Regional Fitness Center is a joint-powers organization with a seven-member board of directors that guides the RFC in managerial tasks and implementing programs.  Members are selected from their respective organizations to serve on the board. 

  • Robyn VanEps (UMM)

  • Donny Wohlers (Stevens County)

  • Bryan Herrmann (UMM)

  • Brian Solvie (City of Morris)

  • Anthony Ekren (Morris Area Schools)

  • David Israels-Swenson (UMM)

  • Citlalli Ibanez (Community)​

  • Ryan Wilhelm (UMM)


The Regional Fitness Center is a not-for-profit organization striving everyday to make Morris, Stevens County, and surrounding communities healthy and active.  All money received from membership fees and donations is poured back into the programs and facilities to better serve our members.  Your donation will help us to achieve our mission.  

While donations to the RFC are not eligible for any tax deductions, your donation will go a long way into improving the health and well being of Any amount is greatly appreciated.  For more information about the RFC and how to donate, please contact Monique Richardson at (320)589-6450 or

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