Tiger Sharks is a community youth USA swim club for advanced and developmental swimmers.  We focus on building endurance as well as learning all the skills necessary to becoming a competitive swimmer. We offer 4 different skill level groups:



This group is for kids that have not been in Tiger Sharks before or are still learning the basics of swimming.  We ask that they have passed level 2 in swimming lessons or swim with one of our coaches to make sure they are ready for Tiger Sharks.  Swimmers in this level will spend most of their time in the Competition Pool learning competitive strokes, diving, and turns.  The goal for this group, by the end of the season, is to be able to swim one or more of the strokes 25 yards without stopping.



This group is for kids that have already been in Tiger Sharks or are at level 4 & 5 in swimming lessons.  This group will focus on learning to become a stronger swimmer and perfecting their swimming strokes, starts, and turns.  They will be swimming long lengths of the pool to build their endurance and to compete in meets.


This group is for kids that are ready to swim longer yards and compete in meets but aren’t in high school yet.  They will swim a workout when they are in the pool and work on becoming faster and more efficient in the water, with starts, and with turns.

High School

This group is for youth that are already on or will be joining the girls or boys high school swim teams.  We will work on strokes and will be swimming longer work outs in preparation for the upcoming season.

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For additional information please contact us at 320-589-6485.