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Further, communicating with the spouses, I try to get additional information:

- And why, with 83 m2, there were only two rooms

– Because we did a redevelopment there - we combined one of the rooms with a kitchen into a living room, and as a result, two rooms remained.

- Clear. What are you considering now?

- This is where we get confused.

– In what?

- We are thinking: to buy an apartment in a finished residential complex or to take it in a new building, which is rented out in two years.

– Wait, but you said that you sold the apartment. What new building? Where will you live all this time?

- Oh, so we now live with our parents in a three-room apartment. Until they moved in.

- Stop. You voiced a problem: you are worried about children who do not get along in the same room. For the sake of this, you started selling an apartment. But then you got a request for a new building.


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