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EZY TARVEL&TRIP - Bali destination tour

  1. Lovina Beach

still, capitalized strands, Lovina Beach will be one of the stylish effects to do in Bali for the sand bum in you, If you don't like crowded. Lovina Beach is a quiet, 2- kilometer stretch in the North Bali region of Buleleng, which is perfect for enjoying a peaceful daylight and evening, without the noise of escapism that megacity strands have. A towering dolphin statue near the Kalibukbuk Village stands as the main corner of Lovina Beach. This is because of the frequent finding of the dark-bearded incentive dolphins from the sand during the right time of the time.

2.Odyssey Submarine

Odyssey Submarine at Amuk Bay is the only private submarine driver for excursionists in Indonesia. numerous times, you may wonder how you can explore the marine life under the water if you don't want to do deep- ocean diving. Odyssey Submarine is the answer. This safe, battery- powered vessel can carry up to 35 excursionists to explore the beauty that marine life has to offer to depths of close to 150 bases. An aquatic submarine lift for civilians is available only in Amuk Bay and Hawaii in the world. So, the Odyssey experience is one of the do- not- miss effects to do in Bali.

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