Kids Play


RFC Supervised Kids Play: Saturday mornings!



The RFC has supervised kids play to allow you to workout and enjoy our class offerings without having to deal with young ones!

Kids will have a chance to play in the gym, color, and go outside (during the warm months - weather permitting).  Children will be supervised by an RFC employee.

Children ages 31 months to 12 years old are welcome.  If there is an older sibling that is available to join any young children, feel free to bring them along!  This helps the supervisor and the child with having someone they are familiar with them.  

Current Hours and Cost: 

Saturdays 8:45 am - 10:15 am

*Currently we only have kids play on Saturday mornings due to low demand. If you are interested in additional hours, let us know so we can keep that in mind for future.

$4.00- Single Drop off (per child)

$30.00- 10-punch card (one punch = one child)

**If your child(ren) are not "potty trained," please bring spare diapers/clothes as well as any necessary products (wipes, etc.) for you to change them.

DISCLAIMER: The RFC is a non-licensed childcare center.  No food or beverages, except for water, will be provided to children.  Snacks from home are welcome. Please do not bring children who have the flu or any other illness that may be spread through the air or by contact.  Children showing visible signs of illness will be sent with parents. The Regional Fitness Center reserves the right to refuse childcare services to individuals on the basis of behavior and/or illness.