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Welcome to this month’s issue of the Regional Fitness Center’s  Newsletter!  This Newsletter will provide information on upcoming events and other information about the RFC and links on nutrition, fitness and healthy lifestyles.

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February 2016

News: Express Group Exercise Classes

Nutrition: Seven Life Hacks to Make Time for Exercise

Fitness: Three Ways You Could Be Wrecking Your Workouts

January 2016

News: Winter Swimming Lessons

Nutrition: Cold vs. Room Temperature Water During Your Workouts: one study reveals

Fitness: Three Ways to Guarantee Your Goals

Thanksgiving 2015

News: December Membership Promotion

Nutrition: How & Why to Incorporate Pumpkin into your Meal Plan

Fitness: The Hidden Joys of Being Fit

November 2015

News: Spin-A-Thon

Nutrition: Savvy Snacking

Fitness: Top 6 Excuses for Skipping Exercise During the Holidays

October 2015

News: RFC Bootcamp

Nutrition: 5 Tips for Avoiding the Freshman 15

Fitness: The Buddy System – How Working Out Together Can Improve Your Workout

September 2015

News: Swim the Great Lakes Challenge

Nutrition: Baked Apple Chips recipe

Fitness: How Music May Help You Get Better Results

Summer 2015

News: YogaFit Instructor Training coming to Morris

Nutrition: 5 Surprising Reasons to Stop Eating Lunch at Your Desk

Fitness: The Two Most Important Things You Can do Before a Workout

May 2015

News: Body Barre – It’s Not All About the Tutu

Nutrition: 5 Simple Ways to Take Temptation Out of the Kitchen

Fitness: The Guide to Buying the Perfect Pair of Shoes For You

April 2015

News: Summer Youth Program Preview (Check back soon!)

Nutrition: 13 Ways to Cut Portions Without Feeling Hungry

Fitness: The Mistakes You May Be Making in Your Group Fitness Classes

March 2015

News: Aquatic Offerings

Nutrition: 8 Tips for Healthy Eating Out

Fitness: 5 Great Post-Run Stretches

February 2015

News: Evening Child Care at the RFC

Nutrition: How Much Protein Do You Really Need

Fitness: Three Ways To Become a Stronger Runner

Janaury 2015

News: Fitness Frenzy January 25th

Nutrition: Energy Bar Recipe

Fitness: Seven Secrets to Getting Up for Morning Workouts

December 2014

News: Athletic Stretching Program comes to the RFC

Nutrition: Healthy Holiday Eating

Fitness: 6 Things You’re Not Doing at the Gym (But Should Be)

October 2014

News: The RFC Celebrates 15 years! 

Nutrition: Granola Recipe

Fitness: 5 Tricks to Actually make it to the Gym After Work